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Super Effective Homemade Cream to Treat Painful Calluses

Calluses are dead skin areas formed to protect the epidermis from pressure, friction, or trauma. Calluses can have a yellowish color and are sensitive when touched, having an irregular aspect. Calluses on the hands and feet of an active person are normal, becoming a problem only if they grow enough …

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2 Step Treatment to Get Rid of Bunions Once and For All

Bunions are painful thick skin areas, appearing due to mechanical trauma – pressure, rubbing – on the soles, heels, elbows, knees, toes and fingers. It is actually a defense reaction of the skin tissues against an increased pressure on some areas of the feet or hand. Hyperkeratosis is affecting an …

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Easy & Fast Way to Treat a Nasal Congestion

When the nasal tissues and blood vessels are excessively filled with fluid, we will suffer from congestion or stuffy nose. In most of the cases, the congestion is caused by flu, common cold, dust or pollen allergies, animal fur, or irritants like cigarette smoke. Some people are constantly congested, without …

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How to Treat Dry Skin with Your Own Homemade Cream

The balance between sebum and humidity is vital for a healthy and beautiful skin. The sebum is produced by sebaceous glands and its purpose is to lubricate the skin. The humidity is the water inside the skin cells, maintaining our skin smooth, healthy and young. When it comes to dry …

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