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9 most common skincare mistakes

You have everything you need for a glowing skin? If the results are not the expected ones, it means that your beauty ritual sneaked a mistake. Here’s what to avoid. 1. You forget about your skin type The most common mistake is using cosmetics improper with your skin type. This …

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VIDEO: More elastic skin, diminished wrinkles & firmer outline. How to get those with a spoon

Regular facial massage is essential for women over 30 years. After this age, the skin loses elasticity and such massage helps keeping skin firm and young for long time. Why spoon facial massage is good First, you can get great results without having to spend money in a beauty salon. …

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Rejuvenate your skin with pineapple juice!

Pineapple extract is found in most creams, masks and professional cosmetic treatments because of its astounding properties. You wonder why? First, pineapple fruits, leaves and stems are rich in vitamin C, which maintains the optimal level of collagen in the skin and accelerates the healing process after burns and wounds. …

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Natural cosmetics that you have in the refrigerator and do wonders for your skin

Your skin needs urgent rejuvenation? Your nails are yellowed and flaking? Your hand’s skin is rough? All these problems have their solution at home, specifically in your fridge. Here are some cheap natural treatments made with ingredients you already have in the refrigerator, which will make you shine: Yogurt Rich …

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How to naturally get rid of warts and all skin growths

In the skin growths category we find: fibroepithelial polyps, viral papillomas, warts and whiskers papillomas. Benign skin tumors develop most often in areas that make contact with the skin, such as eyelids, armpits, groin, neck or under the breast area. Sometimes they have the same color as the skin, sometimes …

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